23 July 2020

Brands on wheels – a new dimension for fleet graphics?

  • Levi's retail truck in a society in Gurugram. Photo: Business Insider
  • Stage3 retail bus launched in Delhi in January 2020. Photo: Business Insider
By Akanksha Meena, deputy editor
The Covid-19 pandemic changed the priorities of consumers; shopping lists no longer include anything more than essential goods and services. As an obvious result, the non-essential retailers around the world got the worst of the pandemic.   
When Levi’s Jeans in India saw that consumers were choosing not to, or were unable to visit their brick and mortar stores, the brand adopted a unique approach to bringing their store to them. According to a report by Business Insider published on July 21, 2020, Levi’s took its branded bus store from society to society in Gurugram and Delhi in hopes of sales.   
Sanjeev Mohanty, managing director of Levi’s told Business Insider that the motive was to ensure a safe and comfortable shopping experience for consumers. The bus carried garments for ‘work from home’ requirements. The company is planning to expand the concept to multiple cities.  
Similarly, several other retailers including Max Fashion and Stage3 also resorted to mobile stores to reach their customers. The report mentioned that Stage3, a fashion rental, was already ahead of others in terms of trying out the concept. The startup had launched its mobile stores in January before the pandemic hit India. The company is aiming to reach to their customers’ doorstep with emphasis on the convenient shopping experience.   
While the idea of mobile stores and fleet branding may not be new, the concept has been somewhat underutilized in India. It has been limited to the grocery and food industry. But with the fear of the virus, non-essential retailers are experimenting with the unique strategy. An alternative to online shopping, the doorstep retail trucks provide a unique opportunity to stay on the top of the minds of customers. Attractive and high-quality fleet graphics can play a major role in making the concept a success and could perhaps be a new dimension for fleet graphics in India. 

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